Sep 16 – 18, 2020
Europe/Warsaw timezone

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9/16/20, 1:00 PM
Talk (half slot) (Closed)
9/17/20, 1:00 PM
Talk (half slot) (Closed)
9/17/20, 5:35 PM
Workshop Discussion Topic

James Jones fron NVIDIA has presented a proposal a few years back to redesign the buffer allocation mechanisms on Linux (especially for GPUs, display devices, etc). However this is a pretty ambitious undertaking because it involves rewriting a big part of the graphics stack.

His proposal included several components. The recent work on...

9/17/20, 7:30 PM
Talk (full slot) (Closed)
9/18/20, 1:00 PM
Talk (half slot) (Closed)
9/18/20, 4:45 PM
Talk (half slot) (Closed)

In this talk we are going over adriconf, where it all started and what is the current state of mesa driver configuration from a end user perspective.

We will also briefly talk about the MESA_query_driver extension and why we need it as well as future Vulkan extension/work on the configuration area.

9/18/20, 5:55 PM
Lightning Talk

Quick introduction to Disman, a front end library, D-Bus service and command line utility to manage displays with a multitude of Wayland compositors and in an X11 session.

Also KDisplay is shown as a front end example for Disman.

9/18/20, 6:05 PM
Talk (half slot) (Closed)
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