Sep 12 – 14, 2022
Europe/Dublin timezone


  • LPC Refereed Track

  • Kernel Summit Track

  • Birds of a Feather (BoF)

  • eBPF & Networking Track

    The track will be composed of talks, 40 minutes in length (including Q&A discussion). Topics will be advanced Linux networking and/or BPF related.

  • Toolchains Track

  • LPC Microconference

    A microconference is supposed to be research and development in action and an abstract for a microconference should be thought of as a set of research questions and problem statements.

    In past years microconferences were organized around topics such as security, scalability, energy efficiency, toolchains, containers, printing, system boot, Android, scheduling, filesystems, tracing, or real-time. The LPC microconference track is open to a wide variety of topics as long as it is focussed, concerned with interesting problems, and is related to open source and the wider Linux ecosystem. We are happy about a wide range of topics!

    A microconference submission should outline the overall topic and list key people and problems which can be discussed.

    Microconferences that have been at previous LPCs should list results and accomplishments in the submission and should make sure to cover follow-up work and new topics.

    • Android MC

    • Confidential Computing MC

    • Compute Express Link MC

    • Containers and Checkpoint/Restore MC

    • CPU Isolation MC

    • IoTs a 4-Letter Word MC

    • Kernel Memory Management MC

    • Kernel Testing & Dependability MC

    • linux/arch MC

    • Open Printing MC

    • Power Management and Thermal Control MC

    • Real-time and Scheduling MC

    • RISC-V MC

    • Rust MC

    • Service Management and systemd MC

    • System Boot and Security MC


    • Zoned Storage Devices (SMR HDDs & ZNS SSDs) MC

  • LPC Microconference Track (CLOSED)