Sep 12 – 14, 2022
Europe/Dublin timezone

Unmapped Private Memory for Confidential Guests

Sep 13, 2022, 10:20 AM
"Herbert" (Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road)


Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road

Confidential Computing MC Confidential Computing MC


Michael Roth (AMD)


Unmapped Private Memory (UPM) has been proposed as a new way to manage private guest memory for KVM guests. This session is intended to address any outstanding items related to the development/planning of Unmapped Private Memory support (UPM) for confidential guests. Some potential topics are listed below (though the actual agenda will be centered around topics that are still outstanding at that point in time):

  • general design of related KVM/memfd interfaces
  • pre-populating private memory for in-place encryption as part of guest startup (SEV, SEV-SNP, others?)
  • restricting double-allocations due to userspace accessing/faulting in pages from shared backing store while a page has already been allocated from private backing store
  • performance-related discussions
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Primary author

Michael Roth (AMD)

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