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Confidential Computing is continuing to remain a popular topic in computing industry. From memory encryption to trusted I/O, hardware has been constantly improving and broadening. In the past years,  confidential computing microconferences have brought together developers working on various features in hypervisors, firmware, Linux kernel, low level userspace up to container runtimes. We have  discussed a broad range of topics, ranging from, hardware enablement to generic attestation workflows.

Just in the last year, we have seen support for Intel TDX and AMD SEV-SNP guests merged into Linux. Support for unaccepted memory has also landed in mainline. We have also had support for running as a CVM under Hyper-V partially merged into the kernel. However, there is still a long way to go before a complete Confidential Computing stack with open source software and Linux as the hypervisor becomes a reality. We invite contributions to this microconference to help make progress to that goal.

Topics of interest include

Please use the LPC CfP process to submit your proposals. Submissions can be made via the LPC abstract submission page. Make sure to select “Confidential Computing MC” as the track.

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