Monthly Archives: June 2023

The Ideal Microconference Topic Session

The Linux Plumbers’ microconference is a three and a half hour session focused on one general focus area. It can be on Android, power management, tracing, real-time or any of the other many subsystems in the Linux ecosystem. These sessions are broken up into smaller topics that are highly focused work meetings with the goal […]

RISC-V Microconference CFP

We’re holding another edition of the RISC-V microconference for Plumbers  at 2023. Broadly speaking anything related to both Linux and RISC-V is  on topic, but discussions tend to involve the following categories: How to support new RISC-V ISA features in Linux, both for the  standards and for vendor-specific extensions. Discussions related to RISC-V based SOCs, […]

Real-time and Scheduling Microconference CFP

The real-time and scheduling micro-conference joins these two intrinsically connected communities to discuss the next steps together. Over the past decade, many parts of PREEMPT_RT have been included in the official Linux codebase. Examples include real-time mutexes, high-resolution timers, lockdep, ftrace, RCU_PREEMPT, threaded interrupt handlers, and more. The number of patches that need integration has […]

Registration for LPC 2023 is open

We’re happy to announce that registration for LPC 2023 is now open. To register please go to our attend page. To try to prevent the instant sellout we had last year we’ve updated our cancellation policy to no refunds only transfers of registrations. You will find more details during the registration process. LPC 2023 follows […]

Registration for LPC 2023 is almost here

Registration for LPC 2023 will be opened soon. Past experience told us that in-person registration would be sold out very fast. If you plan to join us in Richmond, please follow our blog and social media for the announcements about the registration!

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