Nov 13 – 15, 2023
America/New_York timezone

Call for Proposals

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Referreed Track Presentations Proposals (CLOSED)

Submissions are due on or before 11:59PM UTC on Sunday, August 6, 2023.

The Call for Refereed Presentation Proposals for the 2023 edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) is now open. We plan to hold LPC in Richmond Virginia on November 13-15, 2023.

Submitters should ideally be able to give their presentation in person, although presenting remotely will be possible if necessary. Expectation is that the presentation will be done live in either case, to maximize audience interaction. Please see our website or social media for regular updates.

Refereed Presentations are 45 minutes in length and should focus on a specific aspect of the “plumbing” in a Linux system. Examples of Linux plumbing include core kernel subsystems, init systems, core libraries, windowing systems, management tools, device support, media creation/playback, and so on. The best presentations are not about finished work, but rather problem statements, proposals, or proof-of-concept solutions that require face-to-face discussions and debate.
The Refereed Presentations track will be running throughout all three days of the conference.

Linux Plumbers Conference Program Committee members will be reviewing all submitted proposals. High-quality submissions that cannot be accepted due to the limited number of slots will be forwarded to organizers of suitable Linux Plumbers Microconferences for further consideration.

Microconference Proposals (new Microconferences: CLOSED)

Submissions close: June 1, 2023 - Speakers notified: from June 2, 2023

A microconference is supposed to be research and development in action and an abstract for a microconference should be thought of as a set of research questions and problem statements.

In past years microconferences were organized around topics such as security, scalability, energy efficiency, toolchains, containers, printing, system boot, Android, scheduling, filesystems, tracing, or real-time. The LPC microconference track is open to a wide variety of topics as long as it is focussed, concerned with interesting problems, and is related to open source and the wider Linux ecosystem. We are happy about a wide range of topics!

A microconference submission should outline the overall topic and list key people and problems which can be discussed.

Microconferences that have been at previous LPCs should list results and accomplishments in the submission and should make sure to cover follow-up work and new topics.

Kernel Summit Presentations Proposals (CLOSED)

Submissions are due on or before 11:59PM UTC on Sunday, August 6, 2023.

The goal of the Kernel Summit track will be to provide a forum to discuss specific technical issues. The program committee will also consider "information sharing" topics if they are clearly of interest to the wider development community (i.e., advanced training in topics that would be useful to kernel developers).

In addition to submitting proposals here, please also send an e-mail for each submission to the mailing list with the subject prefix [TECH TOPIC].

We will be reserving roughly half the Kernel Summit slots for last-minute discussions that will be scheduled during the week of Plumber's, in an "unconference style".

Birds of a Feather (BoF) Proposals (OPEN)

BoF sessions are free-form get-togethers for people wishing to discuss a particular topic.

eBPF & Networking Proposals (OPEN)

Submissions close: September 27, 2023 - Speakers notified: from October 2, 2023

The track will be composed of talks, 30 minutes in length (including Q&A discussion).

Proposals can cover a wide range of advanced topics related to Linux networking and BPF covering improvements in areas such as (but not limited to) kernel core networking, protocols, routing, performance, tunneling, drivers, BPF infrastructure and its use in tracing, security, networking, scheduling and beyond, as well as non-kernel components like libraries, compilers, testing infra and tools.

Toolchains Track Proposals (CLOSED)

Submissions close: 25 September 2023 - Participants notified: 29 September 2023

The aim of the Toolchains track is to fix particular toolchain issues which are of the interest of the kernel and, ideally, find solutions in situ, making the best use of the opportunity of live discussion with kernel developers and maintainers. In particular, this is not about presenting research nor abstract/miscellaneous toolchain work.

The track will be composed of activities, of variable length depending on the topic being discussed. Each activity is intended to cover a particular topic or issue involving both the Linux kernel and one or more of its associated toolchains and development tools. This includes compiling, linking, assemblers, debuggers and debugging formats, ABI analysis tools, object manipulation, etc. Few slides shall be necessary, and most of the time shall be devoted to actual discussion, brainstorming and seeking agreement.

The call for proposals is open
You can submit a proposal for reviewing.
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