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In the Linux ecosystems, there are many ways to build all the software used to put together a running system. Whether it’s building all the binary packages for a binary Linux distribution, using a source-based distribution, or building an embedded system from scratch, there are a lot of shared challenges which each system solves in its own way.

This microconference is a way to get people who work on disparate build systems to discuss common problems and possible shared solutions across the entire problem space. The kinds of topics we want to discuss are the following:
  • Bootstrapping the build system
  • Cross building software
  • Make, autoconf, and other similar software build tools
  • Package build systems, bitbake, emerge/portage, pacman, etc
  • Packaging formats
  • Managing software with language-specific package managers
  • Patch sharing
  • Building within a container
  • Build systems for building containers
  • License gathering and verification
  • Security updates
  • Software chain-of-trust
  • Repeatable builds
  • Documentation and education
  • Finding the next generation of maintainers
  • Build-system visibility within the wider Plumbers attendeesThis is not a definitive list, and you are free to post abstracts for other related topics.
Build Systems micorconference would like to gather representatives (developers and maintainers) from all the various build systems and related technologies. This is not a definitive list of possible attendees.
  • Android
  • Arch Linux
  • Buildroot
  • ChromeOS
  • Gentoo
  • OpenEmbedded
  • OpenWRT/LEDE
  • Yocto Project
  • Other traditional Binary Packaged distributions
For more information, feel free to contact the MC Leads:
Philip Balister <>
Please follow the suggestions from this BLOG post when submitting a CFP for this track.
Submissions are made via LPC submission system, selecting Track “Build Systems MC”

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