Microconferences at Linux Plumbers Conference: Containers and Checkpoint/Restore

Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 is pleased to host the Containers and Checkpoint/Restore Microconference

The Containers and Checkpoint/Restore Microconference focuses on both userspace and kernel related work. The micro-conference targets the wider container ecosystem ideally with participants from all major container runtimes as well as init system developers.

Potential discussion topcis include :

  • User namespace improvements
  • System call interception
  • LSM improvements and LSM namespacing
  • CGroup2 transition, emulation and future extensions
  • Memory isolation
  • CRIU and hardware security features
  • Restartable sequences (rseq()) support
  • Support for C/R of GPU and other directly accessed hardware
  • Checkpoint/Restore standardization effort (driven by HPC)
  • Kubernetes and container migration

Please come and join the discussion centered on what holds “The Cloud” together.

We hope to see you there!

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