Sep 12 – 14, 2022
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#snapsafe: restoring uniqueness in Virtual Machine clones

Sep 12, 2022, 3:25 PM
"Meeting 1&2" (Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road)

"Meeting 1&2"

Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road

Service Management and systemd MC Service Management and systemd MC


Babis Chalios (Amazon Web Services)


short version

When a virtual machine gets cloned, it still contains old data that believes are unique - random number generation seeds, UUIDs, etc. Linux recently included support for VMGenID to reseed its in-kernel PRNG, but all other RNGs and UUIDs are still identical after a clone.

In this session, we will discuss approaches to solve this and reveal experiments on which we worked on, such as creating a user space readable system generation counter and going through a systemd inhibitor list for pre-snapshot/post-snapshot phases.

long(er) version

Linux recently added support for the Virtual Machine Generation ID
(VMGenID) feature, an emulated device that informs the guest kernel about VM
restore events by exposing a 128-bits UUID which changes every time a VM is
restored from a snapshot. The kernel uses the UUID to reseed its PRNG, thus
de-duplicating the PRNG state across VMs.

Although, VMGenID definitely works towards the correct direction, it does
not provide a mechanism for notifying user-space applications of VM restore
events. In this presentation, we introduce Virtual Machine Generation Counter,
an extension to vmgenid which provides a low-latency and race-free mechanism
for communicating restore events to user-space. Moreover, we will speak about
why VM Generation Counter is not enough for ensuring across-the-stack snapshot
safety. We will present an effort which builds on top of Systemd inhibitor
locks to make snapshot-restore cycle a first-class citizen in the life-cycle of
a system, achieving end-to-end snapshot safety

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Primary author

Babis Chalios (Amazon Web Services)


Alexander Graf

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