Sep 12 – 14, 2022
Europe/Dublin timezone


Not scheduled
LPC Microconference Track (CLOSED)


Karim Yaghmour (Opersys inc.)


Continuing in the same direction as last year, this year's Android microconference will be an opportunity to foster collaboration between the Android and Linux kernel communities. Discussions will be centered on the goal of ensuring that both the Android and Linux development moves in a lockstep fashion going forward.

Projected talks:
- io_uring in Android (Akilesh Kailash)
- MGLRU results on Android (Kalesh Singh or Yu Zhao presenting over VC)
- Hermetic builds with Bazel (Matthias Männich)
- Android kernel testing updates (Steve Muckle)
- pKVM (Quentin Perret)
- erofs as a replacement for f2fs and the deprecation of ext4 (David Anderson)
- eBPF-based FUSE (Paul Lawrence)
- stgdiff tools (Giuliano Procida)
- Technical debt (Lee Jones)
- Parallelized suspend/resume (Saravana Kannan)
- CPU DVFS for guest thread migrations (Saravana Kannan)

Accomplishments since the last Android MC:
- fw_devlink: Fixed the correctness of sync_state() callbacks when simple-bus devices are involved
- Implemented a prototype for the cgroup-based accounting of DMA-BUF allocations -- current review doc:
- Other dependencies for tracking shared gfx buffers now merged
- Improved community collaboration:
- Collaboration page set up:
- Integrating v4l2_codec2 HAL on v4l2-compliant upstream codecs WIP

MC leads:
Karim Yaghmour
Suren Baghdasaryan
John Stultz
Amit Pundir
Sumit Semwal

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Presentation materials

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