Sep 12 – 14, 2022
Europe/Dublin timezone

Compute Express Link MC

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LPC Microconference Track (CLOSED)


Adam Manzanares (Samsung Electronics) Ben Widawsky Dan Williams (Intel Open Source Technology Center)


Compute Express Link is a cache coherent fabric that is gaining momentum in the industry. Several hardware vendors have begun to ramp up on CXL 2.0 hardware development and the Linux plumbing needs to keep pace. There is foundational infrastructure in place in the kernel, QEMU, and user tooling that represents the beginning of the CXL enabling journey. However, there is more to do and plenty of opportunities to scale the contributions past the initial set of developers that got the CXL subsystem off the ground.

The Compute Express Link microconference focuses on how to evolve the Linux CXL kernel driver and userspace components for full support of the CXL 2.0 spec (and beyond). The microconference provides a space to open the discussion, incorporate more perspectives, and grow the CXL community with a goal that the CXL Linux plumbing serves the needs of the CXL ecosystem while balancing the needs of the Linux kernel project. Specifically, this microconference welcomes submissions detailing industry and academia use cases in order to develop usage model scenarios. Finally, it will be a good opportunity to have existing upstream CXL developers available in a forum to discuss current CXL support and to communicate areas that need additional involvement.

Suggested topics:
- Ecosystem & Architectural review
- Regions
- QEMU support
- Security: IDE and SPDM
- Managing vendor specificity
- Type 2 accelerator support (bias flip management)
- RAS (GPF, AER, Poison handling )
- 1.1 to 2.0 compatibility
- Hot add policy, daxctl
- Hot remove
- Industry and academia use cases

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MC leads:
- Ben
- Dan
- Adam
- Davidlohr

Primary author

Ben Widawsky


Dan Williams (Intel Open Source Technology Center)

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