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Enable intel LAM in linux

Sep 21, 2021, 9:15 AM
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H.J. Lu (Intel)


Intel LAM (Linear Address Masking) Extension allows software to locate metadata in data pointers and dereference them without needing to mask the metadata bits. It supports:

  • LAM_U48: Activate LAM for user data pointers and use of bits 62:48 as masked metadata.
  • LAM_U57: Activate LAM for user data pointers and use of bits 62:57 as masked metadata.

I am presenting a proposal to enable Intel LAM in Linux:

  1. Only LAM enabled Linux on LAM processors can provide LAM features.
  2. Every piece of OS must be LAM enabled, starting from kernel, toolchain, libraries, …
  3. A binary is LAM enabled only if all its components are LAM enabled.
  4. LAM enabled OS is backward compatible. The same LAM-enabled OS binary can run on LAM and legacy processors.
  5. Provide LAM features only on LAM processors.
  6. Minimum performance loss on legacy processors.
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Primary author

H.J. Lu (Intel)

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