Android MC CFP

The Android Microconference brings the upstream community and Android systems developers together to discuss issues and changes to the Android platform and their dependencies and interactions with the Linux  kernel, allowing for collaboration on solutions for upstream.

Since last year’s conference, there has been quite a bit of progress, specifically around:

Currently planned discussion topics for this year include:

  • 16k Pages
  • RISC-V
  • android-mainline on Pixel6
  • Updates on Binder
  • BPF usage w/ Android
  • Kernel and platform integration testing
  • Vendor Hook Usage
  • Building Modules for Android GKI Kernels
  • Resolving Priority Inversion w/ Proxy Execution
  • AOSP Devboards
  • And likely more…

People are encouraged to submit topics related to new  Android functionality as well as issues in getting that functionality upstream.

Please consider that the goal is to discuss open problems, preferably with patch set submissions already in discussion on LKML. The slots are very short (10-15 mins), and the main portion of the time should be given to the debate – thus, the importance of having an open and relevant problem, with people in the community engaged in the solution.

The CFP for the Android Micro-conference closes on Aug 15th, so get your topics in early!

Additionally, we already have a busy tentative schedule, but please submit your topics, and should it not fit, we hope to have additional discussion space in a follow-on BoF.

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