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We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers (CFP) for Microconferences at the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) 2023.

LPC 2023 is currently planned to take place in Richmond, VA, USA from 13 November to 15 November. For details about the location, co-location with other events see our website and social media for updates.

Like in 2022, Linux Plumbers Conference will be a hybrid event but still, ideally microconference runners should be willing and able to attend in person.

As the name suggests, LPC is about Linux plumbing encompassing topics from kernel and userspace. A microconference is a set of sessions organized around a particular topic. The topic can be a kernel subsystem or a specific problem area in either kernel or userspace.

A microconference is supposed to be research and development in action and an abstract for a Microconference should be thought of as a set of research questions and problem statements.

The sessions in each microconference are expected to address specific problems and should generate new ideas, solutions, and patches. Sessions should be focused on discussion. Presentations should always aim to aid or kick off a discussion. If your presentation feels like a talk we would recommend to consider submitting to the LPC refereed track.

In the past years microconferences were organized around topics such as security, scalability, energy efficiency, toolchains, containers, printing, system boot, Android, scheduling, filesystems, tracing, or real-time. The LPC microconference track is open to a wide variety of topics as long as it is focused, concerned with interesting problems, and is related to open source and the wider Linux ecosystem. We are happy about a wide range of topics!

A microconference submission should outline the overall topic and list key people and problems which can be discussed. The list of problems and specific topics in a microconference can be continuously updated until fairly late. This will allow microconferences to cover topics that pop up after submission and to address new developments or problems.

Microconferences that have been at previous LPCs should list results and accomplishments in the submission and should make sure to cover follow-up work and new topics.

Submissions are due on or before 11:59PM UTC on Sunday, June 1, 2023.

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