linux/arch/* Microconference Accepted into 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference

We are pleased to announce that the linux/arch/* Microconference has
been accepted into the 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference!

Linux supports over twenty architectures.

Each architecture has its own sub-directory within the Linux-kernel arch/ directory containing code specific for that architecture. But that code is not always unique to the architecture.

In many cases, code in one architecture was copy-pasted from another, leaving for a lot of unnecessary code duplication. This makes it harder to fix, update and maintain functionality relying on the architecture specific code.

There’s room to improve, consolidate and generalize the code in these
directories, and that is the goal of this microconference.

Topics to discuss include:

  • Reducing code duplication and generalizing the common code in arch/
  • Moving syscall processing to C
  • Memory models (FLAT, DISCONTIGOUS and SPARSE)
  • Devicetree
  • Future of highmem
  • Identifying old machine support:
    1. Still in active use
    2. Only in hobbyist/retro-computing
    3. Completely obsolete and broken

Come join us and participate in the discussion to bring Linux architectures closer together.

We hope to see you there!

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