Testing and Fuzzing Microconference Accepted into 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Testing and Fuzzing Microconference has been accepted into the 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference!

Testing and Fuzzing is crucial to the stability the Linux Kernel demands. Last year’s meetup helped make Kernel CI a Linux Foundation hosted project, collaboration between Red Hat CKI and KernelCI. On the more technical side, KUnit was merged upstream, and KernelCI integration is underway, syzcaller reproducers are being included in the Linux Test Project[5], and Clang is integrated in KernelCI.

This year’s topics to be discussed include:

  • Next steps for KernelCI (data formats, dashboards, etc)[7]
  • Structured data feeds for cross-project collaboration
  • Integration with kernel.org tools (e.g. b4)
  • Continued defragmentation of testing infrastructure
  • Better sanitizers: KASAN improvements, KCSAN fallout, future plans.[9]
  • Better hardware testing, hardware sanitizers: how the USB fallout was handled, are there efforts to poke at something besides USB?
  • Improving real-time testing: is there any testing for real time at all?

Come and join us in the discussion of keeping Linux the fastest moving, reliable piece of software in the world!

We hope to see you there!

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