Kernel Dependability and Assurance Microconference Accepted into 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Kernel Dependability & Assurance Microconference has been accepted into the 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference!

Linux is now being used in applications that are going to require a high degree of confidence that the kernel is going to behave as expected. Some of the key areas we’re seeing Linux now start to be used are in medical devices, civil infrastructure, caregiving robots, automotives, etc. This brings up a number of concerns that must be addressed. What sort of uptime can we count on? Should safety analysis be reevaluated after a bug fix has been made? Are all the system requirements being satisfied by Linux? What tooling is there to solve these questions?

This microconference is the place that the kernels community can come together and discuss these major issues. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Kernel Quality Assurance beyond Testing and CI
  • Understanding the Users’ Expectations on Software Quality for safety critical systems:
    • Define safety requirements for overall kernel: features, tests etc.
    • Define run-time characteristics and requirements
  • Identify missing features necessary to operate in safety critical environments.
  • Regression Testing for safety: Identify configurations and tests critical and important for safety quality and dependability:
    • Discuss and identify gaps in tests.
    • Add tests and add configurations to existing test rings.
  • Understanding the Kernel Development Organisation and Management
  • Assessing, Measuring and Evaluating the Development Process

Come and join us in making the most popular operating system the most dependable as well. We hope to see you there!

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