Aug 24 – 28, 2020
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Why RISC-V Is Not Nearly Boring Enough

Aug 26, 2020, 7:05 AM
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Albert Stone (Red Hat)


When RISC-V grows up, it wants to be a wildly successful
computing platform. Being an ISA is fun but being the world's
fastest supercomputer would be really cool.

So how do we get there? By being dead boring. If I have an operating
system to install on a platform built around the RISC-V ISA, the install
MUST work out of the box -- no mucking about with strange boot loaders,
or grabbing odd bits of firmware and kernel patches. To do that means
standardizing what a RISC-V platform looks like so that an OEM knows
exactly what must be built, and so that an operating system knows what
exactly what hardware and firmware it will find.

And let's just say that right now, the RISC-V Platform Specification has
a long way to go to. An OEM can only guess at what needs to
be built; an OS can only run by using a lot of fiddly bits. These
are some of my thoughts on what needs to be done:

. A clear vision
. A clear process
. A clear -- and complete -- specification

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Albert Stone (Red Hat)

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