Aug 24 – 28, 2020
US/Pacific timezone

Overlayfs new features

Aug 24, 2020, 8:10 AM
Microconference1/Virtual-Room (LPC Virtual)


LPC Virtual

Containers and Checkpoint/Restore MC Containers and Checkpoint/Restore MC


Amir Goldstein (CTERA Networks)


Containers are by far the biggest use case for overlayfs.
Yet, there seems to be very little cross talk between overlayfs and containers mailing lists.

This talk is going to present some opt-in overlayfs features that were added in recent years (redirect_dir, index, nfs_export, xino, metacopy).

Most of those features have not been enabled by most container runtimes, because of various reasons:

  • Requires more development in userspace (image migration)
  • Unrelated runtime bugs (mount leaks)
  • Mismatch for containers needs
  • Lack of promotion

This talk is about giving the opportunity to container runtime developers to better understand what they may get from overlayfs.

This talk is not about containers wish list from overlayfs, because userns overlayfs mount needs 45 minutes on its own...

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Primary author

Amir Goldstein (CTERA Networks)

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