Oct 2 – 4, 2019
Concordia University Conference Centre
America/New_York timezone

A whirlwind tour through the input stack development efforts

Oct 4, 2019, 9:00 AM
Concordia University Conference Centre

Concordia University Conference Centre

1450 Guy St. Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3H 0A1
Talk (full slot) (closed) Main Track


Peter Hutterer (Red Hat)


The input stack comprises many pieces. libinput, libevdev, libratbag, libwacom and even a few components that don't start with "lib". The kernel or X for example, also somewhat of importance.

This talk is a tour of recently added features and features currently in development. Examples include libinput user devices, the difficulty of supporting high-resolution wheel scrolling in Wayland, how we've painted ourselves in a corner by using the hwdb in libinput and then tore out the whole room and replaced it with a nicer one, and whacky devices like the totem that will probably never work as they do in the advertising videos. This talk includes blue-sky features full of optimism and may include some features that have no such optimism left and are now merely a pile of discarded branches, soaked with tears.

GSoC, EVoC or Outreachy No
Code of Conduct Yes

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