Sep 9 – 11, 2019
Europe/Lisbon timezone


Tracing MC

Sep 9, 2019, 10:00 AM
Opala/room-I&II (Corinthia Hotel Lisbon)


Corinthia Hotel Lisbon



The Linux Plumbers 2019 is pleased to welcome the Tracing microconference again this year. Tracing is once again picking up in activity. New and exciting topics are emerging.

There is a broad list of ways to perform Tracing in Linux. From the original mainline Linux tracer, Ftrace, to profiling tools like perf, more complex customized tracing like BPF and out of tree tracers like LTTng, systemtap and Dtrace. Come and join us and not only learn but help direct the future progress of tracing inside the Linux kernel and beyond!

Expected topics
bpf tracing – Anything to do with BPF and tracing combined
libtrace – Making libraries from our tools
Packaging – Packaging these libraries
babeltrace – Anything that we need to do to get all tracers talking to each other
Those pesky tracepoints – How to get what we want from places where trace events are taboo
Changing tracepoints – Without breaking userspace
Function tracing – Modification of current implementation
Rewriting of the Function Graph tracer – Can kretprobes and function graph tracer merge as one
Histogram and synthetic tracepoints – Making a better interface that is more intuitive to use
More to be added based on CfP for this microconference

If you are interested in participating in this microconference and have topics to propose, please use the CfP process. More topics will be added based on CfP for this microconference.

MC lead
Steven Rostedt (

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