Nov 13 – 15, 2023
America/New_York timezone

Live Patching Microconference

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LPC Microconference Proposals


The Live Patching microconference at Linux Plumbers 2023 aims to gather stakeholders and interested parties to discuss proposed features and outstanding issues in live patching.

Live patching is a critical tool for maintaining system uptime and security by enabling fixes to be applied to running systems without the need for a reboot. The development of the infrastructure is an ongoing effort and while many problems have been resolved and features implemented, there are still open questions, some with already submitted patch sets, which need to be discussed.

Live Patching microconferences at the previous Linux Plumbers conferences proved to be useful in this regard and helped us to find final solutions or at least promising directions to push the development forward. It includes for example a support for several architectures (ppc64le and s390x were added after x86_64), a late module patching and module dependencies and user space live patching.

Currently proposed topics follow. The list is open though and more will be added during the regular Call for Topics.

  • klp-convert (as means to fix CET IBT limitations) and its
  • shadow variables, global state transition
  • kselftests and the future direction of development
  • arm64 live patching
  • livepatch author guide (a documentation of a live patch creation from source code)
  • live patching and Rust

Key people

We encourage all attendees to actively participate in the microconference by sharing their ideas, experiences, and insights.

Primary authors

Presentation materials

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