Aug 24 – 28, 2020
US/Pacific timezone

Eliminating bugs in BPF JITs using automated formal verification

Aug 28, 2020, 7:00 AM
Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room (LPC Virtual)

Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room

LPC Virtual

Networking & BPF Summit Networking and BPF Summit


Luke Nelson (University of Washington)


This talk will present our ongoing efforts of using formal verification
to eliminate bugs in BPF JITs in the Linux kernel. Formal verification
rules out classes of bugs by mechanically proving that an implementation
adheres to an abstract specification of its desired behavior.

We have used our automated verification framework, Serval, to find 30+
new bugs in JITs for the x86-32, x86-64, arm32, arm64, and riscv64
architectures. We have also used Serval to develop a new BPF JIT for
riscv32, RISC-V compressed instruction support for riscv64, and new
optimizations in existing JITs.

The talk will roughly consist of the following parts:

  • A report of the bugs we have found and fixed via verification, and
    why they escaped selftests.
  • A description of how the automated formal verification works,
    including a specification of JIT correctness and a proof strategy for
    automated verification.
  • A discussion of future directions to make BPF JITs more amenable
    to formal verification.

The following links to a list of our patches in the kernel, as well as
the code for the verification tool and a guide of how to run it:

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Primary author

Luke Nelson (University of Washington)

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