Microconferences at Linux Plumbers Conference: System Boot and Security

Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 is pleased to host the System Boot and Security Microconference

In the fourth year in a row, System Boot and Security microconference is are going to bring together people interested in the firmware, bootloaders, system boot, security, etc., and discuss all these topics. This year we would particularly like to focus on better communication and closer cooperation between different Free Software and Open Source projects. In the past we have seen that the lack of cooperation’s between projects very often delays introduction of very interesting and important features with TrenchBoot being very prominent example.

The System Boot and Security MC is very important to improve such communication and cooperation, but it is not limited to this kind of problems. We would like to encourage all stakeholders to bring and discuss issues that they encounter in the broad sense of system boot and security.

Expected topics:

  • TPMs, HSMs, secure elements
  • Roots of Trust: SRTM and DRTM
  • Intel TXT, SGX, TDX
  • Growing Attestation ecosystem,
  • IMA
  • TrenchBoot, tboot
  • UEFI, coreboot, U-Boot, LinuxBoot, hostboot
  • Measured Boot, Verified Boot, UEFI Secure Boot, UEFI Secure Boot Advanced Targeting (SBAT)
  • shim
  • boot loaders: GRUB2, SeaBIOS, network boot, PXE, iPXE,
  • u-root
  • OpenBMC, u-bmc
  • legal, organizational and other similar issues relevant for people interested in system boot and security.

Please come and join us in the discussion about how to keep your system secure from the very boot.

We hope to see you there!

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