Microconferences at Linux Plumbers Conference: RISC-V

Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 is pleased to host the RISC-V Microconference

The RISC-V software ecosystem continues to grow tremendously with many RISC-V ISA extensions being ratified last year. There are many features supporting the ratified extensions that are under development, for instance svpbmt, sstc, sscofpmf, cbo.
The RISC-V microconference is to discuss these issues with a wider community to arrive at a solution as was successfully done in the past.

Here are a few of the expected topics and current problems in RISC-V Linux land that would be covered this year:

  • Various specification updates and plans for supporting them, with candidates including SBI, EFI, memory models (WMO, IO, etc), IOMMU, TEE
  • Handling of user-visible errata, with the most notable current example being the many present in the D1.
  • Moving forward with support for the V extension, including probing from userspace (VLENMAX, performance, etc). A similar set of issues will likely arise for the B and K extensions.
  • Handling of runtime probing of various performance knobs in the kernel, like strings.h and locks.
  • Defining rules for portable/distro kernels while keeping non-portable kernels in mind.
  • Dealing with the ABI fallout from the pre-formal-model GCC interpretation of WMO, and by the time Plumbers comes around, maybe TSO as well.
  • Is using WRS for pthread_mutex() sane? Either way, how to handle mtime in userspace?
  • Ongoing development for Nested hypervisor

Please come and join us in the discussion on how we can improve the support for RISC-V in the Linux kernel.

We hope to see you there!

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