Microconferences at Linux Plumbers Conference: Kernel Testing & Dependability

Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 is pleased to host the Kernel Testing & Dependability Microconference

The Kernel Testing & Dependability Microconference focuses on advancing the state of testing of the Linux kernel and testing on Linux in general. The main purpose is to improve software quality and dependability for applications that require predictability and trust. The microconference aims to create connections between folks working on similar projects, and help individual projects make progress

This microconference is a merge of Testing and Fuzzing and the Kernel Dependability and Assurance microconferences into a single session. There was a lot of overlap in topics and attendees of these MCs and and combining the two tracks will promote collaboration between all the interested communities and people.

The Microconference is open to all topics related to testing on Linux, not necessarily in the kernel space.

  • Potential testing and dependability topics include:
  • KernelCI: Improving user experience and new web dashboard
  • Growing KCIDB, integrating more sources
  • Better sanitizers: KFENCE, improving KCSAN
  • Using Clang for better testing coverage
  • How to spread KUnit throughout the kernel?
  • Building and testing in-kernel Rust code.
  • Identify missing features that will provide assurance in safety critical systems.
  • Which test coverage infrastructures are most effective to provide evidence for kernel quality assurance? How should it be measured?
  • Explore ways to improve testing framework and tests in the kernel with a specific goal to increase traceability and code coverage.
  • Regression Testing for safety: Prioritize configurations and tests critical and important for quality and dependability.
  • Transitioning to test-driven kernel release cycles for mainline and stable: How to start relying on passing tests before releasing a new version?
  • Explore how do SBOMs figure into dependability?

Please come and join us in the discussion on how we can assure that Linux becomes the most trusted and dependable software in the world!

We hope to see you there!

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