Testing and Fuzzing Microconference Accepted into 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Testing and Fuzzing Microconference has been accepted into the 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference. In spite of the huge number of products shipping with the Linux kernel which are being thoroughly tested by OEMs and distribution providers, there is still no enforced quality standard upstream. How can we make best use of all the publicly available infrastructure and test frameworks in order to fill this gap? Testing and fuzzing upstream as well as gathering results from products is crucial to keeping a project that has over 5,000 commits every month stable for all to use.

Last year’s meetup achieved the following:

  • KernelCI enabled LLVM=1 Clang builds and produced initial results from kselftests and real-time tests
  • KCIDB achieved multiple integrations, acting as a central collecting point for KernelCI, CKI, syzbot, etc.
  • KFENCE was successfully merged.
  • Clang: CFI, weeding out issued upstream, etc.
  • KUnit started acting as the standard for some drivers.

This year’s topics to be discussed include:

  • KernelCI: Extending coverage and improving user experience.
  • Growing KCIDB, integrating more sources.
  • Better sanitizers: KFENCE, improving KCSAN.
  • Using Clang for better testing coverage: Now that the kernel fully supports building with clang, how can all that work be leveraged into using clang’s features?
  • How to spread KUnit throughout the kernel?
  • Testing in-kernel Rust code.

Come and join us in the discussion of keeping Linux being the best quality it can be.

We hope to see you there.

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